Cornerstone Vision

Why Intelligent Software

Work Better, Faster

Expert Mold Designer (XMD) is Cornerstone’s premiere intelligent mould design software.
XMD automatically designs molds based on analysis of part data with very little user intervention.
Most CAD software applications are simply a toolbox for designers to manually assemble designs. Smart designers can use these tools to get the job done.

Computers can be so much more than just a toolbox, passively responding to the operator’s commands.
At Cornerstone, we know that computers can think and as such, we are teaching computers to understand your work.

As you design, XMD fills in the details.
When you start a task, XMD helps you focus by showing you the relevant tools.
If there are faults in the design, XMD alerts you. XMD directs you to fix the problem.
The result: XMD makes your work easier. You can now focus on the important details.

Through intelligent software the machine becomes your assistant, collaborating with you.
When you complete a task, the software prompts you with the next steps.
As you work, intelligent algorithms ensure the design matches your requirements.
You can now make the major decisions easily; complete tasks confidently.
You work more efficiently and costly mistakes are history.

Our vision is Intelligent Software. Automatic Quality is the future! We’re making work better, faster.