Expert Mold Designer -S: Accelerated Design for an accelerating industry.

As the North American industry gears up for a great recovery, it has become clear that the key to renewed success is to become better and better in every area. Expert Mold Designer -S can help!

Providing automated design on top of an open modeling CAD system, gives you all the power you want to bring in your customer’s part data and quickly turn it into a completed mold base and send the data out to purchasing and machining FAST and flexible. [XMDS] is much more than a library of components. It is an integrated system designed to give you optimal speed in every step of design, using built-in knowledge and advanced algorithms to automate the tedious details leaving your desginers free to focus on key issues that matter in your molds.

How XMD-S can make your shop more efficient? Find out what you’re missing! If you fill out the brief form below, we will arrange to show you at your convenience!


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