XMD 11.3 Coming!

The BOM will be controlled from a new dialog
We’re working hard on new technology for XMD, and it will be coming soon. Kubotek and Cornerstone are working hard to improve the quality of our software, and version 11.3 will offer significant advantages.

XMD-S will offer a new advanced BOM management system. A new dialog will make it easy to review all the components in the design, add notes, assign detail numbers, mark order status, and send info to purchasing or shop.

Custom components (plates, mechanisms) have a number of enhancements. You can now edit the stock sizes. XMD-S will intelligently assign levels for you. Solid properties will be read directly and used for BOM information so you can preconfigure geometry in libraries.

Beyond these changes, we are working on improved level management, and improved support for part references, giving you more control over your data. Intelligent cost estimation and expanded intelligent components are also in the works.