50% Off IGES Toolbox - One Week Only!
Designed especially for mold makers, this lightning fast tool can open any IGES and STEP file instantly.  IGES Toolbox allows you to view, plot, create, transform, and even cut sections through geometry, but it doesn't stop there.  It is also an ideal tool for:
  • Feasibility Studies
  • IGES Translation
  • Data Comparison
  • Part Preparation
  • Automatic Sectioning
  • Quoting Jobs
All this, without the headaches of translation.  Save any changes you've made right back to the file!

Don't delay!  For one week only, you can get all this product for half the price!
Interference Checking in XMD
In the last year or so, we’ve been talking obsessively about all the new capabilities provided by the brand-new XMD-S.  We’d love to say more, but at the request of our therapists, we’ve decided to cool it for a bit and talk about some things XMD has been doing well for years.  There’s hundreds of tried, tested, and true features in XMD that have sadly been taken for granted.  One such feature that’s saved many a mold-designer’s rear end, is Interference Checking.

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Kubotek ECO Manager

Engineering changes driving you mad and increasing business costs?  How long is it taking you to find all the design changes in the ECO? Are you haunted by any changes that you've missed? 

If you've been wishing for a way to automate the ECO process, wish no more.  Kubotek ECO Manager makes detecting and documenting engineering design changes as simple as pushing a button.

Official page:

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KeyCreator Summer Savings Event
Cornerstone isn't the only company featuring summer savings, Kubotek is still offering 10% off new seats of KeyCreator throughout the month of August, and 5% off new seats in September.  As an added bonus, new seats bought during this period will come with free online training!

Also, great multi-seat discounts are available, so if you've been thinking about making the switch to KeyCreator/XMD, now is the time!

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Fertilize with the KeyCreator 15-10-5 Deal and watch your profits grow!
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