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XMD-S: A Shiny New Toy
Christmas is coming, it's time to celebrate.  And if you need another reason to celebrate: Expert Mold Designer-S is coming too!  As companies who have tried the new version can attest, once you've tried the new program, there's no going back.  The new product is just so much easier and more productive, you wouldn't want to try anything else.
Now those who haven't tried the new product might be wondering whether XMD-S is really such a big deal.  Perhaps you're wondering whether the difference is only that XMD-S generates the solids upfront, while previous versions generated them at the end.  It's a reasonable question, because it's often difficult to tell from a few descriptions and videos what is the fundamental difference. 
The changes far exceed that XMD-S makes the solids earlier (although that alone is a great asset for accelerating design work). More than that, our programmers have also put a TON of work into making the program smarter.

For a start, XMD-S completely revamps XMD's logic to calculate all holes. Now holes will automatically and intelligently match, not only the components they were created for, but also the full 3D geometry of all the plates, mechanisms, part data and parting surfaces. The results are far better than previous versions offered, and well ahead of other mold design systems too.

If your molds are more complex than straight open-shut molds, you will really appreciate our smarter commands for water, screws, holes. They understand and respect the solid model. So you are saved the effort of manually adjusting these components. Better 3D interaction means these can easily be created even on compound angles.

The list goes on: Water and ejection are faster than ever. The level structure is much more intuitive. Smart patterns are better. Plates and pockets are fully under your control. Section drawing is completely redone.

XMD-S really is the hot new toy everybody would love to have. If you're still thinking about it, call us (519-737-7474) and we'll be glad to give you a free test drive.

Alan Baljeu, President
XMD-S Preview: Import Plate
The first command we'd like to feature for you this month gives users the ability to use any solid you can imagine as an XMD plate.  XMD treats imported plates the same as any other plate in your job:
  • Automatically measures the plate for the BOM.
  • Associates a name and material with the plate.
  • Applies selective transparency to better see your mold.
  • Cuts clean section drawings directly to the solids.
  • Brings in geometry from any system for use as a plate.
  • Updates existing plate with new geometry.
  • Resizes mold plates on request, keeping everything associative, and keep your models intact.
  • Generates complete plate details.
  • Backs up plate models for data security.
  • Automatically creates holes for components, in the sold.
  • Automatically detect changes you make to solid models, and updates plate information.
Watch the demo video here:
XMD-S Preview: Smart Water
Importing a custom plate is not that useful on its own.  What you really want to do is work with the thing!  This means that XMD can no longer assume that all plates are rectangular blocks. As a result, we've developed some new commands (and revised some old ones) that will work intelligently in these strange shaped plates, helping you get things done right the first time.

One example of the above that we're really excited about is the new  Smart Water command.

Watch the demo video here:
XMD-S Preview: Replace Plate
The last feature we'd like to demonstrate to you this month (it was hard to narrow it down to just three) is the Replace Plate command.  It allows users to swap an existing plate solid for another, or to regenerate it to an earlier state.  XMD will re-create the proper holes in the plate and make other necessary adjustments to the new plate solid.

Already have your water and ejection done in an insert and an engineering change comes down the pipe?  No problem! Use the Replace Plate command to replace your plate solid with the new revision, and XMD will take care of the rest, applying your water and ejection to the new version.

Watch the demo video here:
Moment of Inspiration
Announcing the addition of Moment of Inspiration to the Alibre product line!

We are happy to announce that Moment of Inspiration (MoI) will be included in future purchases of Alibre Design Expert. MoI is a tool developed by the original programmer of Rhino and is a very easy-to-use, very powerful surface modeling and rapid concept design tool.

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XMD-S Preview: Import Plate

XMD-S Preview: Smart Water

XMD-S Preview: Replace Plate

Moment of Inspiration

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