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Editorial: Interoperable Design
One of KeyCreator's strongest points is interoperability. It can read in data from any CAD system and use it like it's its own. It can work on any model, any type of geometry, any changes required. It can also write data back out to those other CAD systems. With the introduction of solid plates (combined with existing support of surface data and solid components), XMD-S now is also fully capable of interoperation.

XMD-S generates a full solid model for the mold base, so you can easily send the whole design or part to another CAD or CAM system. If you do surfacing work in another system, you can provide unfinished blocks to the surfacers, and they can build around them. Then bring the surfaces back to KeyCreator to complete the design. Bring in finished lifters, inserts, anything to XMD-S and update the model. Complete the design in XMD-S, and then export the design to your customer's CAD system to deliver the results.

So you have two choices, and both work quite well: You can use multiple CAD systems and exploit the strengths of each, using XMD's rapid mold design technology for the mold base and drawings. Or you can use KeyCreator with XMD as your complete toolbox: KeyCreator's freeform hybrid modeling to build your complex geometry, and XMD's automated components and holes to complete the design. And then deliver the whole to manufacturing or the customer in whatever system they require.
What's New in XMD-S
Now that XMD-S is pretty much finalized, we've written some documents to accompany its release (expected in the next few weeks).

What's New in XMD-S 9.0 - This five page document gives a brief outline on the new features and improvements offered in XMD-S. If you're familiar with XMD and would like to know more about the new capabilities in XMD-S, this document is the place to start.

We've also developed an update course for users that want to learn how to work more efficiently in XMD-S. If you fall into this category, contact us and we'd be happy to get you a copy.
Tip of the Month
This month we have a whole series of videos that explain how to create, add, and modify Smart Patterns using XMD. 
  1. Creating a Smart Pattern
  2. Adding a Smart Pattern
  3. Modifying a Smart Pattern
If you're not too familiar with Smart Patterns, these videos are a MUST!

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What's New in XMD-S

Tip of the Month

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