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Editorial: Expanding Your Toolbox
We at Cornerstone are constantly working to make XMD better. Our goal is simple: to be the best and supply the best…. Period. The best mold design solution, the best service, the best experience for you, our customer. So as we improve XMD on KeyCreator® (Kubotek®’s powerful Pure Geometry direct modeling system), we are now working to incorporate benefits from Alibre®, an affordable, history-based parametric CAD system.

KeyCreator, the engine behind XMD, continues to provide an excellent tool set for the mold designer. KeyCreator provides you with powerful surfacing and solid modeling tools. In the realm of direct model editing, KeyCreator is unbeatable. Yet while its power and freedom are frequently to be prefered over history-based parametric modeling, there are times when explicit parametric modeling is more efficient.

So we have become an Alibre reseller. This tool competes with Solid Works, providing a plethora of tools at an incredibly low price. History based modeling, assembly animation, machining, and custom component libraries, will be put in place alongside KeyCreator and XMD to take us to the next level of mold design performance.

Read on in this newsletter for more about the benefits of both Alibre and KeyCreator, and if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.

For a free 30 day trial, you can download Alibre here.
Meet Alibre: Affordable CAD/CAM Solution
In an ongoing mission to bring our customers a variety of solutions at the most reasonable prices, we have entered into a relationship with Alibre as an authorized reseller. Alibre is a history based, parametric solid modeler that brings many options and levels to the table to suit many different needs.

Alibre starts with a FREE edition (download it here!) and it carries on the Professional Edition and then going up to Alibre Expert. Analysis, motion and even 5 axis machining are available through this extremely versatile product.

Alibre is having great success in Europe and we here at Cornerstone, along with a few other VARS in North America are breaking new ground with Alibre.

If you are using Solid Works or Pro-E or any other modeler, you need to see Alibre. This software will fill the hole in your design office while not creating holes in your pocket book.

We are looking forward to showing you this extremely robust, reasonably priced Cad-Cam package.

Read more.
No, XMD is not switching platforms; rather, Alibre is an extra tool to help us make XMD stronger. Alibre is helping us create fully parametric custom components in XMD-S. KeyCreator remains an excellent platform for mold design, especially when combined with intelligent automation in the form of Expert Mold Designer (XMD-S). In fact, there's only one major feature we feel is missing from the designer's toolbox, which is why we are excited to add Alibre to the mix.

With Alibre we can now design parametric solid components and control them by a spreadsheet. We have created code to export these components into KeyCreator, and build custom XMD components out of them. This means three things for you:
  1. We will be providing you more intelligent components in the near future.
  2. You will be able to edit our catalogs using Excel: Adjust materials or catalog numbers. Substitute ejector pins for sprue puller pins or any such changes. Restrict allowable components to the ones you stock. Add your favorite custom sizes.
  3. You will be able design your own parametric components for XMD!

Preorder XMD-S 9.0 Today and Save!
Your next level of efficiency is on its way. XMD-S 9.0 beta is going well, and soon the product will be released.

Order XMD-S now to take advantage of our 20% discount which won't last long. Plus we will include for free, a copy of our lightning fast IGES/STEP review program, IGES Toolbox.

Don't forget to sign up for training! While XMD-S can still be used exactly the way you used previous versions of XMD, you will definitely want to learn about the new features and how you can be more efficient with XMD 9.0.

Let us show you today how XMD-S will make your shop more efficient than ever!

Please contact us today to take advantage of this offer.
KeyCreator - Your Design Hub-Solution

We found a nice article by a German reseller (it’s in English, don’t worry) explaining how KeyCreator fits very nicely at the center of your operations. Because KeyCreator can easily work with data from any source and send it to any target, it makes an excellent platform for the heart of your CAD/CAM department. Take any model, import it, change it, document it, send it out. You can do everything in this one system.

Read more.

10 Things Most People Do Not Know About Injection Mold Making
"Over the course of the last 30 years I have only met a handful of people outside the manufacturing community who know anything at all about plastic injection mold making. I still find this disappointing; why should something as essential to our modern way of life be so unknown?"

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Tip of the Month
In this month's tip and trick, Rick uses XMD-S to show how much of a mold design he can accomplish in 7 minutes using a standard mold base.

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Editorial: Expanding Your Toolbox


Alibre and XMD

Preorder XMD-S 9.0 Today and Save!

KeyCreator - Your Design Hub-Solution

10 Things Most People Do Not Know About Injection Mold Making

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