Come See Us at Amerimold!
Cornerstone is partnered with Synergetic to promote Expert Mold Designer -S at Amerimold. If you haven't seen the software in detail, come visit us at Booth 126 on the outer wall by the stage. Find out how leading mold shops are pushing out work faster with XMD-S. While you're there, also check out Kubotek at Booth 325. Better modeling, better translating, and state of the art Change Validation technology help ensure the best quality, faster and easier.
Online Demo of Expert Mold Designer
XMD-S, the automated mold design solution for KeyCreator, will enable your company to deliver better value faster. Using key features like mold base generation, automated BOM, parametric components, and more, XMD-S will increase the efficiency and accuracy of your design & manufacturing process. XMD-S takes full advantage of the powerful direct modeling capabilities of Kubotek’s KeyCreator. The best way to experience the advantages of XMD-S with KeyCreator, is to have us show you.
Sign up now for our online demo June 7th, 10:00am EST.
CAMM Golf Day
This weekend, June 3 we will be settled at Hole 10 greeting the golfers. Registration is at capacity, but if you're coming, look forward to winning a new iPad from us and Synergetic, and Timmies cards for every foursome.

Return of the North American Mold Industry
If you haven't seen it already, check out the feature article in Biz-X magazine (page 34).  According to all the companies interviewed, innovation is at the heart of the renewed boom in mold making.  Cornerstone is here doing its part.

Tip and Trick - Local Coordinate Systems
If you use KeyCreator and XMD now, you may know this already, but for those who remember CADKEY, it's worth noting.  KeyCreator still has the construction plane system, but it's extended now to full local coordinate systems, not just view and depth.  When creating a construction plane, you can pick any point in space as a basis, or pick a planar face of a solid.  Use this plane to design in a local coordinate space rather than world coordinates or view coordinates.  XMD modeling in 3D will respect this construction plane.
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VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2 | MAY 2012

In The Zone:
Come See Us at Amerimold!
Online Demo of Expert Mold Designer
Return of the North American Mold Industry
Tip and Trick - Local Coordinate Systems

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