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Picking Up Speed
I understand that certain sectors of the economy are still slow, but around here things really seem to be picking up.  And as for us at Cornerstone, our brand new Expert Mold Designer-S is almost ready for release.  A few places are working with the beta now, and it's looking pretty good.  We expect things to get very busy for us soon too.  We have some incentives available for companies who beat the rush. 
So:  If you are using an old version of XMD and are eager to upgrade - or if you have never tried XMD but are ready to learn more - beat the rush, and give us a call today!  We'd love to show what we can do for you.
What's new in XMD-S?
The XMD-S release is around the corner.  All the great things you remember about previous versions of XMD are still around (sThe XMD-S release is around the corner.  All the great things you remember about previous versions of XMD are still around (so experienced users can get going quickly), but there are so many new things, this product will be a revolution in productivity.

Solid Plates and Custom Components.
This one feature means XMD is more integrated with KeyCreator than ever before. Now you can:
  • Draw and extrude any profile to make a plate.
  • Draw any profile to cut a pocket of any shape.
  • Create tapered plates or pockets.
  • Design any feature into your plates. For example:
    • Pry slots.
    • Clean-out slots
    • Clamp screw slots.
    • Ejector plate wings.
    • Slide and lifter pockets.
    • Absolutely anything.
  • Models are 100% associative with XMD smart tools.
  • Work directly with slides, inserts, lifters.
  • Apply part surface geometry to the slide solids.
  • Surface geometry does not need to be subtracted from solids
    • This makes modeling mold blocks much more efficient.
    • You can design solid molds with incomplete parting lines
    • You can design solid molds without healing part geometry.
What XMD does for you with Solid Plates (or any custom component):
  • Automatically measures the plate for the BOM.
  • Associates a name and material with the plate.
  • Applies selective transparency to better see your mold.
  • Cuts clean section drawings directly to the solids.
  • Brings in geometry from any system for use as a plate.
  • Updates existing plate with new geometry.
  • Resizes mold plates on request, keeping everything associative, and keep your models intact.
  • Generates complete plate details.
  • Backs up plate models for data security.
  • Automatically creates holes for components, in the sold.
  • Automatically detect changes you make to solid models, and updates plate information.
Automatic Holes.
  • Automatically drill holes for components.
  • Automatically repair holes when you delete or move components.
  • Pockets likewise drilled automatically.
  • Exclude holes from sections except as associated with components.
  • Holes automatically take part and parting line surfaces, into account.
    • This works even though surfaces are not embedded in your mold blocks.
  • Automatic hole calculations take pockets into account.
  • Generated holes automatically go into Plate details.
  • Improved 3D level structure makes design easier to navigate.
  • Components organized by plate.
  • View plates command to easily view multiple plates and holes in 3D.
3D Component Modeling
  • "Two click" design of screws, holes in 3D.
  • Easy placement of user components (smart patterns) in 3D.
  • New Smart water commands work especially work well in 3D.
  • Water, screws, holes can be associated to the plate you choose.
  • Move, copy are improved.
2D Modeling
We worked hard to ensure to ensure XMD-S handles section modeling as well as previous versions. Even though the 3D solid is now the official basis of operations, XMD-S continues to provide fully associative, intelligent design tools that you can use in section and plan drawings, yet automatically update the 3D model.
  • Custom solid plates are automatically rendered in sections and plans.
  • 3D solid colors used in 2D drawings.
  • Section drawing filters out useless chamfer lines.
  • Section drawing hides solid hole sections.
  • Smart 2D component drawing, including holes.
  • All commands continue to work well in section.
    • Many times it's just easier to model in section, because details are simpler.
  • BOM ballooning recognizes custom plates in section.
Bug Fixes
  • Too many to mention.
XMD 8.5 Release 6
There is a new version of XMD 8.5 available for existing customers which addresses the following issues:
  • Improved! Using the Redraw Component command on a smart pattern will now redraw it in every drawing.
  • Fixed: 3D hole geometry now protected from accidental deletion  through KeyCreator.
  • Improved! 3D wire plates are on their own sublevel, so that plate holes can be viewed independently.
  • Fixed: Title block failed to work when field names were too long.  This is no longer an issue.
  • Fixed: Stop XMD pockets from creating sliver faces when solidifying plates.
Download XMD8.5 Release 6 here
Tip of the Month
A couple of months ago. You'll have 4 videos to check out as we try to finish this and show you some of XMD's cool and unique features.

You really need to buy this stuff.
It will do your engineering department proud.

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XMD-S Beta Update

What’s New in XMD-S

XMD 8.5 Release 6

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