What’s New in XMD-S™

A giant leap forward in mold design automation.

If you’re familiar with previous versions, you already know the speed and power that its knowledge-driven automation gives you. But you will be amazed how much more productive you can be with the new XMD-S™.

Bill of Materials

Our powerful Bill of Materials functionality has been brought to a new level of sophistication and precision. Not only is it created and managed automatically as the design changes, the BOM is now ‘live’ and can be used to change the design itself. The new version of XMD can also import external changes made to the BOM, ensuring everyone is working on the most up-to-date information.

The All New BOM

Are you still doing a lot of manual labor to build up your BOM? If so, we can help. Let us show you how!

Add stock to any custom component

Stock Sizes

We’ve also added a simple, yet powerful utility to control the stock sizes of custom manufactured components.  This is yet another way that XMD-S™ gives you control over what is sent to purchasing.

Not only can you specify a length, width and height, but you can also control which ends of the component the stock should be applied to, making it easier to visualize how the steel will be machined into the finished product.

Export Automation

Say goodbye to tedious file naming, saving, and translating! XMD-S™ now allows you configure the exporting process to match your company operations, giving XMD-S™ the powerful ability to automatically export plates and custom components. By some estimates, this can amount to multiple hours saved on each job!

Not only will you save hours of design time with this tool, but you’ll prevent accidental mistakes like misconstruction of the file name or forgetting output details.

Solid Modeling Automation

XMD-S™ uses the custom components you design to automate your work.

Accurately generate smart holes to the solid model, completely under your control.

Automatically create high quality section drawings, drafted to the solid model, and real-time customizable.

New smarter commands make design easier: Design components, cooling, features directly in the 3D model or in 2D; XMD-S™ completes the design for you automatically.

Full 64-bit Support

XMD-S™ has always been great at handling large molds, but much more now than ever! Memory management problems are a thing of the past; XMD-S™ is a powerful workhorse no matter the size of the job. We’ve spent considerable effort optimizing operations so you spend less time waiting and more time doing.

XMD-S™ shatters previous performance barriers, and helps you take control of the design process. Words and pictures fail to fully communicate your advantage. To get the full picture, arrange a live demo over the web. You won’t regret it!