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We understand the need for programs that are easy to learn, easy to use and most of all, save us time. IGES Toolbox does just that. It will save you time, money and the headaches from file imports and translations.

With IGES Toolbox you can view or plot IGES files without converting files to other formats, cut sections in surfaces and even transform and create geometry. You can save any changes done in IGES Toolbox to a new IGES file. In a hurry to view or plot files? You can even plot IGES files from a command line without having to view them first.

IGES Toolbox has many benefits to offer those looking to save time and cut costs. As a standalone lightweight CAD package, IGES Toolbox will work with the current software applications you have running at the present time. You don’t have to invest in a full blown system to perform the tasks IGES Toolbox is capable of doing.

IGES Toolbox spans many different industries. Each organization utilizes this package in different ways according to their needs at the time.

Feasibility Studies

IGES Toolbox is capable of dynamic cutaways to see the assembly models internally to determine if they are feasible for fit, function and moldability. This combined with Draft analysis tools that can take into account texturing make it a very powerful tool. IGES Toolbox allows you to verify the radius of a fillet or corner regardless if the part is a surface or a solid it will calculate it automatically

IGES Translation

IGES Toolbox offers extremely fast and accurate IGES translations. IGES Toolbox reads in many IGES files that cannot be read in by other systems. It also serves as a verification of complete models in the CAD system. Files that a high-end system may have trouble with are often easily read into IGES Toolbox. It also allows you to IGES out portions of the files and giving you the ability to send only the data required.

Data Comparison

IGES Toolbox is a Fast and cost effective method to do comparisons without the overhead of a traditional CAD system. Many CAD systems make comparison efforts exhaustive and time consuming. IGES Toolbox allows you to read in two or more reiterations of your customer’s data where you can visually compare what has changed in each model. IGES Toolbox then gives you the option to save off the entire file or the sections that have changed.

Part Preparation

Data administration and all of its headaches can now be a thing of the past. IGES Toolbox will remember the steps taken to position a part from part position to mold position and shrinkage applied where it store this in a journal file. The journal file can then be applied to all new data received from the customer. Maintain a database of tips for your models at a very affordable price. Most CAD Systems do not have the capability to record or store a tip method easily. IGES Toolbox can store your tips for easy duplication of transformations and rotations. It is an excellent tool for anyone dealing with customer data. Let your customer enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the mathematical model they transferred to you can look and feel the way they wanted it to after manufacturing. IGES Toolbox is the fast and effective way to analyze your data.

Automatic Sectioning

IGES Toolbox allows you to take sections automatically at specified increments, measurements or locations and quickly organize them on their own level. One of the biggest benefits is that the sections are created using lines and arcs not splines making the data much easier to read and use in the design.

A Great Partner for Quoting Jobs

IGES Toolbox will provide you with a quick visualization of the part. With easy to use draft checking tools, you can dynamically view the part to examine any problematic areas. The low cost will make it feasible to have a seat for every computer in the estimating department. IGES Toolbox will quickly generate 4 view layouts for printing or plotting. Users will be able to quickly layout 4 views of the job, create notes/dimensions and plot. IGES Toolbox will even calculate MASS properties, Volume, Surface Area and projected area, even center of gravity all from an IGES or STEP File.

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