Don Dulong
Engineering Manager
Toolplas Systems Inc.

We can always count on Cornerstone to take our feedback and improve their software to meet ToolPlas’s personal needs. Since Cornerstone is willing to adjust their software to customer needs, we have reduced design time and streamline the information to our shop, CNC and purchasing departments.

CAD/CAM Manager
Arlen Tool Co. Ltd.

We’ve been using XMD for decades and find it to be very effective in making quick preliminary designs as well as elaborate finals. We do our modeling in Catia v5 and have found that with the use of the direct Catia translator our data can be merged into an XMD design very quickly. The team at Cornerstone Intelligent Software are only a phone call away when needed for assistance if/when we have any problems or questions.

Engineering Manager
Fineline Mold & Design

I cannot say enough what a time saver it is to develop and design in 3D using XMD and KeyCreator. We can now change with our customer’s demands and improve the design as it develops to completion. The ability to work directly on the solid model opens up a whole new world. In order to survive, we must leave the past behind and embrace the Solid Future. This is a whole new ball game!”

Greg Tiessen
Synergetic Eng.

We appreciate all the new development, the software is really taking off and becoming more customizable, and nice to work with. We are really enjoying using it!