What is the Virtual Mold?

Cornerstone Intelligent Software seeks to apply knowledge to its fullest in computer software. For mold software, this means the Virtual Mold, an environment where all the requirements and understanding of mold design is captured in the system and made available. We aim to digitally capture all the essentials of molds and the mold making process, and use that to improve the process of mold design.

A mold is a mechanical system for efficient production of plastic parts. It is a physical assembly where each piece serves its purpose. In a mold, every aspect is there to serve the mold in performing its job. It is designed according to the dictates of the part geometry and material, the machine, engineering principles, mold standards, cost control, and above all, customer specifications.

A typical mold design in a CAD system is just a collection of plates and screws and mechanisms and pins and cavities. At Cornerstone, our vision is to build the Virtual Mold; software that knows mold design and everything that goes into creating it. To enable intelligent decisions about mold design and mold making by putting key knowledge into the computer.

The virtual mold is a computer system to design molds right, according to the standards, to produce quality parts efficiently, to prove that it functions as it needs – in the Virtual environment before the mold is even built.